Monday, January 30, 2012


Eric's birthday was Friday, and I whisked him away for a little adventure-- our home for the weekend:

No electricity, no running water, an outdoor privy-- believe it or not, friends, deprivation of modern conveniences is our idea of a good time.

Some things we did have:

A roaring woodstove-- expertly tended by yours truly

Miles of snowshoe trails

Wintry vistas

Endless cups of tea

Not pictured: fondue. It didn't last long enough for a photo op.

Also, a yurt happens to be the perfect setting for a bit of knitting (and spinning):

I finally whipped the hat sample into shape:

Glacier Bay, meet your new friend, Aurora

AND I taught Eric to knit:

Code name: Cheese Doodle

I'm not allowing myself to get too excited about it yet-- four rounds of stockinette do not a knitter make. But he did sit down and work on it last night without any prompting from me...

Such fun-- though I did rather enjoy the hot shower I took moments after getting home!

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