Saturday, February 4, 2012

Second Handspun

This has been finished for a while, but I was waiting for my husband's photo-editing expertise:

I experimented with woolen drafting on my first handspun, and my second outing was entirely woolen-spun. It seemed to suit the preparation of the fiber-- though I have not a clue what kind of wool it is! I finished spinning the singles on New Year's Eve, and the plying about a week later. It was slightly over-plied-- I now know to add a bit more twist to my singles before plying-- so I washed the skein and let it hang in my shower to dry. That seems to have been just enough-- the skein is now perfectly balanced!

I hope you will forgive my nerdiness-- it's just that I'm quite pleased with the result. It's so fluffy and lively! Now I just need to figure out what it wants to become. My first thought is a hat, but that's usually my first thought...

I've been laid up with a cold the past few days, so I've been knitting like a fiend-- so many things to show you, I can't wait!

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