Thursday, January 12, 2012


I realize that there hasn't been (so far) much knitting content in this so-called knitting blog, and there's a couple of reasons for that. I have a nearly-completed project that is supposed to be a surprise... and the other projects I've been planning haven't quite launched onto the needles yet. I'm kind of in a pickle of indecision at the moment.

First off, some swatches that are giving me trouble:

My love for SHELTER has become even deeper, if that is possible-- one swatch is clearly much larger than the other, yet there is little difference in the density of the fabric. After washing, the stitches just fluff themselves into perfect cohesiveness. Magical. The problem is, every way I measure gauge, I get a different result. The larger one seems by some measures to be the appropriate gauge for the pattern, but there's enough uncertainty that I remain unconvinced-- add to that the uncertainty of a sweater knit in pieces, multiply by my perfectionism and general indecisiveness, and you get a perfect storm of dithering. Maybe I can convince myself to try knitting a sleeve.


This is meant to become a sample for a pattern I'm writing-- I'm going to be my own test-knitter-- but it looks so lovely in the skein that I can't bear to disturb it at the moment.

My hands are getting itchy, so something's got to give.

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