Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Sawyer Mountain... almost

On Sunday we attempted to climb Sawyer Mountain... and ended up mucking around in the woods for a couple of hours. Everything was covered in ice-- rapidly melting in places-- but no snow was to be found, even in the darkest hollows.

In place of blazes, the trail is marked-- inadequately!-- with woodcarvings:

I think this is supposed to be a turtle.

We took a wrong turn and ended up on what we think was Veazie mountain. Perhaps the many fallen trees obstructing the path should have deterred us, but we are nothing if not persistent.

Going the wrong way...

I started to get unsure of my footing on the half-frozen trail surface-- which was the perfect excuse for Eric to show off his wilderness prowess.

Note the expression of glee.

No matter how short the hike, he always brings his trusty saw.

The giant hunting knife was also put to good use:

Now I have a sturdy stick to help me balance:

Or to brandish at riffraff.

After several detours, we finally found the main trail, which we originally took to be a frozen stream. Footing was even dicier and we had yet to find the path to the summit-- which, according to the map, was "easy to miss"-- so we decided to have our tea in a less lofty setting.

This also required specialized equipment.

Though I had hoped to survey 2012 from the top of a mountain, it looks pretty good from the tailgate of our car.

I finished those mittens at 11:30 New Year's Eve-- I can't say I really tested their performance in the 46-degree weather, but they are wonderfully fuzzy.

They're sure to see further adventures in 2012

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