Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Baby Things

Is there anything more heartwarming and tear-inducing than little baby things? Or more likely to raise feminine voices by at least two octaves? It's like a kick in the ovaries from Mother Nature. These went in the mail last week to my friend Sarah-- via her yarn-obsessed sister Rebecca:

The sweater is painful enough, but the booties... the booties kill me:

I made quite a bit of fuss over knitting these things-- one must make a fuss over babies. Since this baby will be born approximately 800 miles away, I won't be able to make much of a fuss over her in person, though I'm going to try...


  1. I love those booties. I really enjoyed knitting the pair I made, and can't wait for another opportunity to knit them again!

  2. i am SO LUCKY that our baby has such incredibly talented knitters as friends/family! i die every time i look at those booties. DIE.